2017 Graduates

Mahogany Harrison

Young People Of Integrity (YPOI) Has Helped Me Obtain My Goals Because It Allowed Me To Be Surrounded By A Group Of Motivating, Hardworking,  And Inspiring Individuals. Being In YPOI Taught Me The Importance Of Taking Care Of Yourself The Community, Those Around Us And Understanding Diversity . We Used Team Building Skills And Real Life Situations To Mold Us Until The People We Are Today.
1.) I’ve Been An Active Participant In YPOI Since My 6/7 th Grade Year.
2.) YPOI Had Helped Me To From The Person I Am Today Because I Now Understand The Importance Of How Our Decisions Affect Our Choices. I Learned Every Action Doesn’t Deserve A Reaction And How To Develop Self Love And Respect.
3.) My Next Step Is College (For Now Community College (CVCC))  I Will Attend A Nursing Program 3 Years At CVCC Then I’ll Graduate From LR After Completing A Year There.  I Will Become A Physician Assistant.